Fibertex Undercloth

Fibertex Undercloth is ideal for the bottom or back of cushions that cannot be used for the sitting area. You don’t have to use as much upholstery fabric or artificial leather because you can do the bottom or back with undercloth, this saves costs!

Can also be used as a knot-resistant lining, pull strips, stitching ribbon and covering zigzag springs.

4.958.95 Per meter

Available in 3 variations
Widths from 1.5 to 1.6m
High quality

Type : Anti-slip black/black
Anti-slip black/black
Anti-slip black/white
Fibertex smooth black
Wis selectie
Product Price


Wear-resistant, cost-effective


Anti-slip black/black, Anti-slip black/white, Fibertex smooth black

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Koen Wouters

Proper handling of the order. Was contacted by phone with an alternative to a product that was no longer available.

Joanna Green

I bought a sale fabric and was pleasantly surprised! Fast service and I was happy with the product, the photo was a good representation of the actual fabric.

Karin Cruijs

Bought a very nice quality faux leather here for the 2nd time. The shipping was very fast. The faux leather is not folded but nicely rolled up, super! I'm very happy with all of this, so I will definitely be ordering from here again!

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