In recent years, ribbing for furniture upholstery has made a comeback. At Big in Fabric, we like to inform our customers about our products. We are regularly asked about the difference in corduroy from the past and present, the composition of corduroy fabric and for which applications rib fabric can be used. Are you curious about the answer to these questions? Read on!

Corduroy from then and now
The origin of corduroy fabrics, including the rib fabric, dates back to the 19th century. Initially, the fabrics were mainly used for men’s work trousers. Due to the weaving style, the fabric is very strong, which makes it ideal for working. Due to its increasing popularity, it was later also used for waistcoats and jackets, among other things.

So corduroy fabric was actually developed for clothing. The strong properties of the fabric also made it possible to make car upholstery at a later stage. You can now see the well-known rib fabric in almost all possible applications.

The composition of corduroy
Although rib fabric can be used for different purposes, each application requires its own composition. Corduroy fabric for clothing consists largely of cotton. Cotton has the property that it absorbs a lot of moisture. This makes cotton comfortable to wear in both winter and summer. The cotton is often mixed with polyester to keep the color beautiful for longer. Elastane is added to make the fabric stretchy. Want to buy corduroy fabric for clothing? You can easily order it in our shop.

In addition to corduroy fabric for clothing, this type of fabric can also be used in the upholstery of furniture. For example, you can give your sofa, armchair or ottoman a traditional and luxurious look with a wide rib upholstery fabric and the fine corduroy is well suited for upholstery of cushions for campers and boats, among other things. Corduroy upholstery fabrics are ideal for the following applications:

● Motorhome upholstery
● Caravan upholstery
● Cabin cushions
● Car upholstery
● Cushion covers
● Decorations
● Stuffed animals

We only offer the corduroy upholstery fabrics in our range in 100% polyester or polyester mixed with nylon. This composition has a number of advantages:

● Easy to clean
● Washable
● High UV resistance
● Wear-resistant
● Fire retardant

Always assured of the right colour
Have you found a corduroy fabric that perfectly matches your project, but are you unsure about the color? We’ve got you covered! In order to make a good choice, we are happy to send you colour samples. You can choose up to five colour samples and request them via the contact form on our website.

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