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Buy artificial leather for imitation upholstery

Skai leather, a type of faux leather, is often chosen for boot upholstery because of its versatility and durability. This synthetic

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Corduroy upholstery fabric – Everything you need to know!

In recent years, ribbing for furniture upholstery has made a comeback. At Big in Fabric, we like to inform our customers

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Have stylish cushions made to measure!

Would you like to have your boat cushions, caravan cushions or garden cushions made to measure? Then you’ve come to the

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How do you make children’s clothes?

What fabrics do you need? The basis of making children’s clothing is, of course, the fabric. There are many different fabrics,

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Cleaning a fabric sofa

How do you clean your fabric sofa? No one wants to have stains in their beautiful sofa or chair. But fortunately,

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Maintaining a faux leather sofa

You see it everywhere; faux leather. Think about jackets, bags and shoes, for example. But many pieces of furniture are also

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