Stretch Suede / Alcantara Headlining

Do you want to reupholster the headliner or walls of your car or caravan?
This suede fabric is pre-foamed with a 4mm thick foam layer. This makes it extremely suitable for headliners or wall coverings of cars, motorhomes or caravans. Because there is stretch in both width and length, the fabric is easy to apply tightly to your headliner or wall. Make use of our professional spray adhesive to make sure your headliner never lets go! This spray adhesive has a high adhesion value with extremely high temperature stability. As a result, even in hot summer, you don’t have to worry about the headliner or wall covering coming off.
This soft suede imitation is short-haired microfiber woven for a real suede look!

19.9529.95 per Meter

Available in 4 variations
Width 1.45m
High quality

Type : 4mm foam
4mm foam
No foam
Color :
Wis selectie
Product Price



Weight with foam


Weight without foam


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Koen Wouters

Proper handling of the order. Was contacted by phone with an alternative to a product that was no longer available.

Joanna Green

I bought a sale fabric and was pleasantly surprised! Fast service and I was happy with the product, the photo was a good representation of the actual fabric.

Karin Cruijs

Bought a very nice quality faux leather here for the 2nd time. The shipping was very fast. The faux leather is not folded but nicely rolled up, super! I'm very happy with all of this, so I will definitely be ordering from here again!

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