How do you clean your fabric sofa?
No one wants to have stains in their beautiful sofa or chair. But fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to have your sofa or chair reupholstered. With our Care & Protektion kit , you can protect your textile furniture from new stains and remove stains in no time!



The contents of this kit are enough to protect and clean 2 to 3 seats.

Other necessities:

  • Vacuum cleaner or brush


Instructions for cleaning your sofa:

  1. Dust your entire sofa with a vacuum cleaner or dust brush. Run your vacuum cleaner or dusting brush over your entire sofa (including cushions and non-visible parts of the sofa) until all dust and loose debris has been removed.
  2. Test the Textile Cleantex for Color Fastness on an inconspicuous area of the sofa. Shake the bottle and unscrew the cap from the latch. Then, in moderation, spray the Cleantex onto the white terry cloth. Then pat in an inconspicuous area of the sofa. Let the cleantex dry to see if there is any color deviation.
  3. Clean the furniture with the Textile Cleantex. Spray the Cleantex on the white terry cloth in moderation. Then, dab on the stain on your sofa.
  4. Allow your sofa to dry. If the stain has not (completely) disappeared after drying. Then repeat step 3 again.


Image showing inside, easy chair, location Auto-generated description Image showing inside, easy chair, location Auto-generated description


Instructions to protect your bank:

Do you have a new/unused sofa that you want to protect? Then you can treat it immediately with our Textile protector. Has your sofa already been used/contaminated? Then we advise you to clean your sofa first with the Textile cleanex.


  1. Read the instructions for use. It is important that you always read the instructions for use before use. This is to avoid mistakes.
  2. Make your sofa free of dust and dirt. Make sure your sofa is clean. To do this, go over the sofa with a vacuum cleaner or dusting brush (incl. loose cushions).
  3. Remove the top of the Textile protector and spray your sofa. Loosen the cap, hold the spray can upright and spray about 20 – 30 cm away in even strokes over your sofa. Take the time to be careful so you don’t miss any spots.
  4. Continue to ventilate for at least 3 hours after application. Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the room where you have injected your sofa for the first 3 hours. The drying time can be up to ± 12 hours.


Image showing inside, person, easy chair, place Auto-generated description


Other tips for maintaining your sofa:

  1. Check treated upholstery fabrics annually with a drop of water to ensure that the protective layer is functioning correctly. The drop of water should remain on the fabric like a pearl for 5 seconds. When in doubt, always treat the upholstery fabric with Textile Protector.
  2. Vacuum your furniture at least every 1 to 2 weeks with the brush of your vacuum cleaner (usually supplied).
  3. Do not leave pets on the couch (this is to avoid damaging the fabric)!
  4. If possible, rotate your seat cushion and/or back cushions every month.
  5. Dampen the circles that have formed in the fabric after cleaning and then blow dry (hair dryer).


Are you bothered by unpleasant odors?

Textile Refresher removes unpleasant odors from all types of textiles. The best solution for removing bad smells in your upholstery fabric.

Advice for use

Applicable to natural and synthetic fibers. Test for colour fastness and resistance in an inconspicuous area before use. Compare only after drying. Textile Refresher is slightly foamy. Spray the surface evenly.
Image showing inside, easy chair, location Auto-generated description
Drying time: 2- 4 hours. If the smell has not completely disappeared, repeat the treatment. Ventilate the room well during and after use of the product.

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